Country NSW born, Courtney Illfield first discovered her love for photography as a curious teenager. As a young adult she travelled and immersed herself in discovering the world from behind the lens. Her passion for photography turned from hobby to career when she began working for a snow boarding publication in North America. Igniting the fire within Courtney continued on her photography journey, landing back on Australian soil to continue her dream shooting for music, extreme sports and fashion publications. Moving between Sydney, Darwin, Broome, Perth and now residing within the urban life of Melbourne city where she owns and operates a successful photography business. 

"The vulnerability felt from being out of my comfort zone for so long has encouraged me to use my knowledge and passion of photography to capture my memories and experiences of the places I go and the amazing people I meet" 

Just when we thought a day couldn't get any busier and more exciting Courtney has a new project on her plate. Come follow LOLA VARMA, a bridal label for the non-traditional wild bride.


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